About our method

How our passion affects our way of working

We promise our customers the best quality by coming to work with great passion every day. In addition to our passion, Boomkwekerij van Gompel has a number of advantages that are aimed at better serving gardeners and exporters. Read more about our working method below.

Strong roots are the basis for a healthy plant. Tree nursery van Gompel starts planting 2 year old planting stock. After 2 years, the trees are cleared with the root ball and planted on another plot at a greater distance from each other, which gives them a better root system.

We prune all our plants mechanically, so that there is minimal difference in the appearance of the plants. The machine is set precisely for each type.

Because we grow the plants at a good distance, there is enough light at the bottom and our plants are nicely filled and branched down to the ground.

U zult als hovenier, maar vooral als exporteur vaak te maken krijgen met orders in grote aantallen. Daarvoor zult u met een partij willen samenwerken die tijdig grote aantallen kan leveren. Met een mooi en goed onderhouden machinepark zijn wij in staat om snel maar vooral kwalitatief onze planten te rooien in grotere hoeveelheden.

Hierna kunt u zelf kiezen hoe u het transport wilt regelen. Door de uniformiteit in grote aantallen, zijn wij in staat om dezelfde planten het gehele seizoen door te leveren.

Pesticides are outdated. At Boomkwekerij van Gompel, we use a different way to keep our plants healthy or even improve them. First of all, we apply tailor-made compost before planting. After planting, we spread a layer of compost between our trees. With this we stimulate the soil life and this ensures a better absorption of the nutrients.

To save soil life, the weeds between the plants are tackled with a hoe, so that we no longer need to use pesticides. The pesticides would kill the soil life and that is detrimental to the plants. By doing this in this way, we increase plant resilience.